Born near the shores of Lake MI., Lee Ann currently teaches at Muskegon Community College and owns Norris Creek Printmaking Studio. She earned a MFA in printmaking, is a member of the Boston Printmakers, Society of American Graphic Artists, Nautilus signature member of the International Experimental Artists Society. Leads workshops in various printmaking processes and bookbinding.

“Every day I step into the realm of possibility, weaving inner thought and outer stimuli, searching for the "poetic image.” I’m inspired by the places I have traveled through, the places I romanticize, and the places I imagine. I sometimes think of “place” as an emotional state rather than a geographic location. My work is an attempt to visualize a manifestation of these places in reality, memory, and dream. I’ve traveled quite a bit in my lifetime, my work is an extension of the anxiety and the freedom I feel when I explore. The romantic anticipation of a journey, the longing and wanderlust one might feel when stationary. Meditating on the acquisition of memory and indelible marks of daily life, some more clear than others, create an ebb and flow of emotion and spontaneous responses and help me to find meaning. I work in hand pulled multi-print media techniques, etching, woodblock, and lithography. Once the first mark is made, it becomes collaborative between myself and the matrix. Layers, surface textures evolve, irregularity and imperfections–like life, find place. My hope is that my work will conjure memories, tap the imagination and allow for an intimate visual experience.”